Bye Bye Facebook

Goodbye Facebook

By Stephen P. Pizzo

So I am freshly off a multi-day banishment from Facebook.

What did I do to offend Facebook’s newly found sensibilities? I’d tell you in detail, but that would end up getting this post taken down as well and, since it’s my…

Shitholes Closer to Home

By Stephen P. Pizzo

This past week President Donald Trump wondered, out loud, “why do we have to let all these people from shithole countries into the US?”

Trump says he wants to only let people into the country who bring value to the US.


“You’re kidding yourself if you think cutting taxes is really cutting taxes. We’re simply deferring massive taxes unfairly and immorally putting huge debt burdens on future generations and that is just wrong.”

David Stockman

By Stephen P. Pizzo

How does that old saying go?

“Fool me once, shame on you.

The Big Switcheroo Gambit

By Stephen P. Pizzo

Republicans in Congress are in a state of shock and awe this morning. Shock at what Trump did to them yesterday, and awe over how casually he did it.

‘GOP members were shocked at Trump’s stunning decision yesterday to abruptly side with…

Stephen Pizzo

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